About Us

We are your ultimate source of the cleanest, hottest, on-trend brands across the health, beauty and wellness industries. As advocates of true beauty, we only carry products that we believe in, and what we believe in is natural low-tox to no-tox living.


100% natural, a full disclosure of ingredients and 100% toxic free so safe you can eat them. 


We choose brands that are loved by many and have an established following and we will also support those that are new, passionate and starting out so that at all times you have the selection that you desire.

In today's world where chemicals and toxins are everywhere, we are slowly starting to educate ourselves and learn just how present these chemicals are in our everyday products. 

From fragrance to deodorants and makeup to baby products, it’s shocking to read the ingredients list on products these days. These chemicals are affecting the very essence of who we are especially as women, and in turn they are interrupting our endocrine system and affecting our hormones, which in turn affects our fertility. 

Infertility is at an all time high and with our Founder Nyomi having gone through her own personal infertility journey for 9 years with her husband, we at TheCOHub I know how important it is to eliminate the toxins as much as we can for our overall health. 


A Personal Message From Our Founder

“I have walked this walk and the one problem I found was that it was hard to find what I needed in a limited time frame, hence why TheCOHub is so important to me. I created this space so I could share the best brands locally and globally, ones that have a following and strong reviews. We also will support the up and coming passionate people that are creating incredible brands and as the demand grows then so will they. Our earth needs more options like this more than ever before. We need products like this more than ever, which is why TheCOHub is here, to offer you safe & natural products for you and your family.”


Nyomi xx