NEW Crystal ~ Butterfly Pea Tea by Life Of Cha


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INGREDIENTS : 100% Organic Butterfly Pea Flower, Australian Lemon Myrtle and Ginger

Serves 20

***We have now incorporated more Australian grown teas into Crystal. Starting from 30th Sept 2020, Crystal will now have Australian Lemon Myrtle, ginger & butterfly pea. ***

An organic blue tea made from butterfly pea flower which changes colour! The natural blue hue comes from the butterfly pea flower however when an acidic ingredient such as lemon, limes, honey etc is added to the tea, it magically transforms into a vivid purple colour! 

This amazing tea is regarded a "beauty" tea because of its health benefits for the skin, hair and eyes. In Asia, they often use butterfly pea flower in their hair products to promote lustrous hair and more volume.

What does it do for me?

  • Promotes CIRCULATION to EYES.
  • Stimulates scalp for HEALTHY HAIR.


For more information on Butterfly Pea Tea and Recipe Ideas, click here.


How to enjoy:
Vivid blue tea which turns purple with a splash of lemon! Enjoy with a dash of honey. Can be served hot or chilled.
1 tbspn | 1 cup | 100°C | 3-5min | 1-2 brews