The Ionic Pair


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The two products that are key for keeping clean, hydrated and protect -- brought together in our must-have Ionic Pair.

We're pairing our best-selling Ionic Silver Mist and Ionic Body Wash to give you the convenience of staying clean and germ-free at all times. Ionic Silver is known for neutralising germs and bacteria, with studies showing that it has the capability of eradicating all bacteria it comes into contact with in just under FOUR MINUTES.

By using these two Ionic Silver formulas throughout your daily cleansing routines, your skin is going to be more healthy than ever before. Use your Ionic Body Wash morning and night within the shower, prepping your skin to be clean and healthy while beginning and ending the day - ridding any unseen bacteria. Throughout the day, keep yourself protect by spritzing our Ionic Silver Mist upon your hands, face and body as this action may prevent bacteria from latching on.

Together, these two products will have you protected.